Mahjong Connect online games are new era of mahjong playing. Have you every played original Chinese game named Mahjong? Which is played with real tiles made of wood or ivory. Rules of this ancient game are too inconceivable.

Mahjong connect features

This type of mahjong game is different from the classic one. You will get it once you play. This game can be harder because besides collecting unit twins you have to check their location: tiles should be located close enough to each other so you can connect them with a line, whether it is straight or has one-two corners.

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Mahjong connect is much easier for you and your kids to play. This type of game can develop your child’s attentiveness. Also logic is very much trained. Because this game is about connecting similar tiles, but differences from simple Mahjong are noticeable:

  • There are no layers of the tiles. In this case the game would be too hard.
  • You can connect only those tiles which are connectable with a straight line or a line with maximum two corners.
  • Usually these games are leveled. The more you play the harder the set is.
  • Arcades of the game are more common than for classic Mahjong. You may play a real story, each level would open new facts of the game.
  • Time limits are usually stricter.
  • Usually connect Mahjong games are having its special theme:animals, countries, ages etc.

These are the features of Mahjong connect games. You may try to play each of the games types and decide which is more relative for you specially. All of them are unique and interesting. Play online and for free on our site whenever and wherever you are.