Kris Mahjong

Kris Mahjong Kris Mahjong

Kris Mahjong Overview

If you are about to play a simple and interesting Mahjong connect use the Kris Mahjong Game. The game is aimed to connect tiles into pairs. But beware you may connect only tiles that are connected closely enough to each other.

The game has a time counting, but do not worry you will win. Because it does not count limit.

The game is so bright and girly so it brings you to feel like a smile while playing. There are different types of tile pictures in different Mahjong like stripes, dots, seasons, plants, and hieroglyphs. Each has its number which helps you to find the pair. We wish you luck to play and win

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Gameplay screenshot

Kris Mahjong Connect Gameplay
Kris Mahjong Gameplay
4.2/5 — (27 votes)
Comments: 2
  1. Harry

    calm measured game suitable for everyone to calm

  2. Lily

    The coolest game ever!

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