Mahjong Dimensions

Mahjong Dimensions Mahjong Dimensions

Mahjong Dimensions Overview

What is this Mahjong Dimensions Game about? You just collect your cube tiles in pairs, there is a little window in the upper right corner of the screen so you could just spin the figure of tiles and choose the pair. When we say spinning we mean the online Mahjong game is dedicated to the third dimension. The gaming field is not 2D, but 3D square or any other shape on the next no download levels.

Watch out there is a schedule you need to follow.

How to play Mahjong Dimensions game
❓How to play Mahjong Dimensions game
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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong Dimensions Gameplay
Mahjong Dimensions Gameplay


4.7/5 — (21 votes)
Comments: 8
  1. pitty

    Somthing’s wrong with this Mahjong Dimension game… can not download…

  2. Nina

    Well while i wait for you to fix this Mahjong i go to play related games you offer… lets seeee

  3. Igrem

    This game helps to have fun.

  4. Gaston

    This game is fun when you can play it. But you can’t dowload it plus the time that is allowed to complete the game to the end is not long enough. I had this game a year ago worked ok. It takes a least 14 minutes too complete the game. That one was fun. Then it just vanished.

  5. elizabeth

    i am very disappointed to take this game it very unfair why stop someone play this game is very mean thing to do to play on laptop to find game to play to enjoy the fun is happiness then it been taken wrong thing not right at all it would be nice to bring the game back let others enjoy the fun

  6. Oliver

    colorful design, very calming

  7. elizabeth

    this is second game gone today from my facebook spoil everything the game i like to play

    1. mahjong (author)

      You can play it here 24/7. Are you comfortable, is the game working correctly?

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