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Mah Jong Connect
Mah Jong Connect

Mah Jong Connect is an absolute different kind of game we got used to! One you play it you will understand! Try your best to learn all the new rules while the timeline in counting down your time. Classic tiles may distract you, bu be attentive! There is only one way to try to win the game.

Collect tiles in one line on outer sides. The closer units are located the more is the possibility to collect them and clean off the gaming field.

When you collect the pair, all the vertical line where this tile was goes one point down, so there will not be any empty places to ease you a game.

Be fast! There is a time limit which is increasing when you collect new and new pairs. Several times per game you may use the hint option. And in case of trying to make yourself comfortable with tea or snacks during the game, you may use the pause option.

Game Features

  • Time limit: yes.
  • Can play on: PC.
  • Tags: classic.
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  1. Kit

    Never seen a mode like this, but it is also cool

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