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Mahjong Connect Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect Overview

Mahjong Connect is an different kind of game we got used to! Once you play it you will understand! Try your best to learn all the new rules while the timeline is counting down your time. Classic tiles may distract you, but be attentive! There is only one way to try to win the game.
When you collect the pair, all the vertical line where this tile was goes one point down, so there will be no empty places to ease you a game.

How to play the game

The game is unusual for players. The plot is different. You still play the game no downloading and by using every device you wish. But, the tiles are shaped in a square and you may choose only those units which are located close enough to each other, The line, connecting the tiles, must be straight or has not more than 2 curves.

Collect tiles in one line on the outer sides. The closer units are located, the more it is possible to collect them and clean off the gaming field.

Beware of the time while playing. The rules are strict. When you are attentive you may win without any doubts, but when you are not putting your attention on the game the time becomes your enemy.

Questions about Mahjong Connect game
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📱Is this game available to play on a smartphone or a tablet?
🖥️How to play the game fullscreen?

Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong Connect Gameplay
Mahjong Connect Gameplay

Game Trailer

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  1. Kit

    Never seen a mode like this, but it is also cool

  2. TheGameLover

    Nice. Have you ever won? i did!! woohoo

    1. gayle

      no i have never won

  3. ronbert m stone

    cannot play majong connect full screen,will not let me play game?

    1. Unfortuntely, Flash Player stopped working. We can offer you a lot of other games to play on our site, which are available to play full screen and on every device.
      Folow the link:

  4. Kathy

    Love these games!

  5. Barry

    Hi Kathy,

    I keep getting an error notice asking me to offer a Game Argument. I am unable to play my free Mahjong games. Can you help??

    I do love these games.


    1. mahjong (author)

      Good afternoon. Thanks for the comments. We apologize. We try to fix everything very quickly. If something does not work for you on the site, just refresh the cache.

  6. Harry

    Nice game for logical thinking.

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