Dream Pet Link

Dream Pet Link Dream Pet Link

Dream Pet Link Mahjong Overview

Play Dream Pet Link Mahjong online and without any registration process. But this game does not seem as easy as it is. Details of the pets are so small that you can hardly find a pair. Use all your sharpness of sight and attentiveness. But we truly believe that the full-screen mode of the game would help you best to see more.

The bigger pictures are the better you can figure out and clean up the gaming field.
Cutest creatures those animals, but if you are too touched by them you can clearly lose very fast. Play an online game on your Personal Computer anytime!

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Gameplay screenshot

Dream Pet Link Gameplay
Dream Pet Link Mahjong Gameplay
4.7/5 — (23 votes)
Comments: 2
  1. Liliac

    very childish game. cool, my son likes to follow the tiles :grin:

  2. William

    found no cons in the game

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