Mahjong Solitaire

mahjong solitaire
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Mahjong Solitaire
Mahjong Solitaire

One more amazing classic Mahjong Solitaire. Play online games in full screen mode on your PC. What do you know about Mahjong? You may never know everything until you play and learn. This game is tricky and hard to play from the very beginning. It develops and trains your attentiveness and sight sharpness. Do you best and win ASAP.

You can compete with your friends or relatives who is going to beat the score in this 20 minutes limit of time.

Collect the same pictures on units to clear them up from the table. When the whole gaming field is clear — you win!

Have you ever known that original Chinese Mahjong is an absolutely different game?! It is true! But for our, western world, they have made up a new, easy and entertaining version.

Game Features

  • Time limit: yes, 20 minutes per each round
  • Can play on: pc
  • Tags: classic
Comments: 2
  1. Brandon

    Guys, do you get in time with this time limit?

  2. Diana45

    Classic game. Nothing very hard to play

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