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Mahjong Link Connect Overview

When you start playing Mahjong Link it may be like a simple and easy Mahjong connect type of game. But when it turns out that the set of tiles is very hard to see equals you understand that it is not this easy. But turn on all your attentiveness and you will have the victory.

How to play Mahjong games? Just pair the tiles on the screen and clean the gaming field. The game is easy but interesting. Take your time, but watch the limit! You may win and get the next round, but may lose as well. If this happens just start the game over.

This is the classic Connect version of the game. You need to pair the tiles which are located close enough to each other. The line connecting the units must be straight or has no more than 2 curves, beware of this rule. Otherwise, you may try to win and definitely lose time.

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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong Link Gameplay
Mahjong Link Gameplay
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    there are sooo much games on here… hard choice :shock:

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    I am very happy to play this game.

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    Play this game to the fullest!

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