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mahjongg alchemy
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Mahjongg Alchemy
Mahjongg Alchemy

What do you know about Mahjong Alchemy and in general alchemy as a science? Neether do we! This ancient and hard art of science brought crazy and mad a lot of talented people of their time. For now this is an online game. You can play it for free, in full screen mode.

Be careful, tiles are painted alchemy sings but also different colors. These colors (beige and blue) do not differ tiles. Only pictures on top of the unit do.

You have 15 minutes time limit, beware, and try to clean the whole table up from the tiles. If you do you have won.

If you have ever knew something interesting and mysterious about alchemy, please, tell us in comments below. We are so wonder!

Game Features

  • Time limit: Yes;
  • Can play on: PC;
  • Tags: Classic, easy.


Comments: 2
  1. Gala

    Guys! a tip for you! turn on full screen mode to win faster

  2. Alex

    Love pix on tiles. Cool this is online

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