Farm Connect 2

Farm Connect 2 Farm Connect 2

Farm Connect 2 Overview

The game Farm Connect 2 is available for you to play in full-screen mode but also online and for free. Watch the time. It is strict and you better do your best. Play the game and enjoy delicious pictures of fruits and vegetables. Turn off the music if it disturbs you.

Connect equal tiles in matching pairs with a straight or 2 corners line.

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Gameplay screenshot

Farm Connect 2 Gameplay
Farm Connect 2 Gameplay

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4.6/5 — (29 votes)
Comments: 3
  1. Reina

    nice and sweet, interesting more. cool mahjong if i may say so :razz:

  2. CherryBerry55

    Whats your fav fruit of this mahjong? I love the berry named in my name lol

  3. Harry

    Excellent logic game to usefully kill time

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