Mahjong Connect 2

mahjong connect 2 mahjong connect 2

Mahjong Connect 2 Overview

Mahjong Connect 2 lets you drown in the deep and old atmosphere of China. This game is not the classic Mahjong we used to play. Our aim is to connect similar tiles but only if the line between them can connect straight or have only 2 corners. Otherwise, the tiles will not go off. Be careful, time is a strict rule of this game.

The game has a few tricks for you. Sword, which eliminates a pair of tiles. Telescope, which shows you available pair of tiles. Shuffle, which shuffles all the tiles. Sandglass, which prolongs the time for 8 seconds. And the Cannon, which eliminates two pairs of tiles.

Interesting Mahjong with interesting unusual rules. Play it online and enjoy your time whenever you want.

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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong Connect 2 Gameplay
Dream Mahjong Connect 2 Gameplay

Game Trailer

4.6/5 — (18 votes)
Comments: 5
  1. Wonka

    interesting version

  2. Nina

    Arcade is cool. Well done guys

  3. Noah

    Great addictive game. Almost impossible to break away.

  4. MeiLin

    I really liked it.

  5. Emily

    The game is very, very entertaining and exciting.

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