Mahjong Chain

Mahjong Chain Mahjong Chain

Mahjong Chain Overview

It seems like we need to give a detailed explanation about how to play the Mahjong Chain game. First, you have to bear in mind that this game is online and free. You may play it whenever and wherever you are. Also, you have to turn on the full-screen mode of the game to enjoy it better. So for your understanding, this game is about you connecting similar tiles of the gaming field.

But beware that your tiles should be located close enough to each other.

Tiles should be located close enough, that if you put a line in between it would be straight or have only 2 corners. Watch out for the strict time of the game too. The game gives you a fair amount of time, but do not make use of it. The game seems simple and easy, but it can show you some interesting and unexpected features.

Do your best to be on time and win.

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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong Chain Gameplay
Mahjong Chain Gameplay


Mahjong Chain Game Trailer

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  1. FloraDan

    who else loves playing Mahjong during quarantine? :!:

  2. Liam

    Generates interest in continuing to play without ceasing.

  3. Ledi

    Time flies for the game.

  4. Sophie

    Great game to kill time

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