Mahjong Firefly

Mahjong Firefly Mahjong Firefly

Mahjong Firefly Overview

Mahjong Firefly is designed in a classic and mature Chinese style. The whole gameplay is a classic mahjong game in which you have to find the same blocks, and after each finding identical blocks, more and more new blocks will open in front of you, located on the lower level. Jump in and enjoy the classic Chinese atmosphere that exists in this game, thanks to the nice and beautiful music, which will accompany you on each new stage of the game. And the night atmosphere created by the backdrop will definitely soothe and relax you.

Key features

  • The night atmosphere;
  • Pleasant musical accompaniment.


The player must find identical blocks, and after each finding identical blocks

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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong Firefly Gameplay
Mahjong Firefly Gameplay
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    The game is interesting

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