Mahjong Shanghai

Mahjong Shanghai Mahjong Shanghai

Mahjong Shanghai Overview

Mahjong Shanghai online game in full-screen mode. Original Mahjong solitaire game. Play this game in two modes. Whether you are a kid or an adult, both will find this game interesting and attractive. Two modes of difficulty, two ways to spend your free time. You may start learning how to play a game with kids mode and then switch to a harder one just with one click.

When you start playing you will see a field filled with different painted tiles. Your aim is to find similar units and click them off the table. When the whole gaming field is clean means you have won.

Play and win. Watch and compete. Our Mahjong games are available to play whenever you are. Just get your device and come to play no download games. You may really try your best and compete with your friends in time and score. Watch the limits and try to fit in.

Connect your tiles in pairs and win. Clean the gaming field – this is the key to success. The game is classic. So no unexpected things are there.

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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong Shanghai Gameplay
Mahjong Shanghai Gameplay
4.6/5 — (27 votes)
Comments: 3
  1. Lola

    Like this game. I turn on full screen because i have sight problems and otherwise i cant win lol :grin:

  2. Marina

    I play it every day!

  3. Olivia

    quite interesting and addictive game

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