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Jewel Quest Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest Overview

This Jewel Quest game does not look like anything you knew about Mahjong before. You still may play it online and for free. Do not forget to turn on the full mode. But the Maya and Aztec themes make it different. Jewels all the way around the gaming field. Rubies, emeralds, diamonds, golden heads with emeralds on the eyes places, and golden coins.

If you want to win the game you need to collect each 3 jewels by moving the closest jewel. You win the game when the whole background comes golden. Each new square comes golden when you collect 3 or more units in a row on it.

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Jewel Quest Gameplay
Jewel Quest Gameplay
4.9/5 — (22 votes)
Comments: 9
  1. Lily

    Awesome! :oops:

  2. Bacardi

    love all that bling-bling

  3. William

    It doesn’t work

  4. Natalie Thomason Golly

    i have beaten level 21. It won’t let me save completed game and won’t go to 22

  5. freda Johnson

    would like to play game

  6. Betty Losaw

    My game name is you.
    The game stopped and won’t let me play. I am addicted and don’t want to loose my points again.
    Please help!

  7. 241088

    Interesting game, addictive.

  8. Diana

    Entertaining and interesting!

  9. Riley

    everything is very nice and clear

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