Holiday Mahjong Dimensions

Holiday Mahjong Dimensions Holiday Mahjong Dimensions

Holiday Mahjong Dimensions Overview

Holiday Mahjong Dimensions is designed in a New Year’s style. The game includes multi-level blocks, which in the course of the game need to pick up a single pattern and thus reveal the lower blocks. Find the blocks it is necessary for a certain period of time specified on the timer. Be sure to get involved in the game, pass the different levels and get better and better, pumping your skills and improving your memory and attention. The game’s countdown timer makes each stage of the game dynamic and increases your engagement and competitive effect.

Key features

  • New Year’s theme;
  • Pleasant music;
  • Timer.


During the game, you need to find and attach one block to another, with a single pattern that is located on them.

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Gameplay screenshot

Holiday Mahjong Dimensions Gameplay
Holiday Mahjong Dimensions Gameplay
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