Winter Mahjong

winter mahjong
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Winter Mahjong
Winter Mahjong

Very cute Winter Mahjong game. It is made for cozy evenings, or daytime when the snow is slowly falling and you are looking forward to Christmas very much. When you are all covered in blanket and drinking your hot beverage, whether it is cocoa, coffee or tea. But do not pay your attention on anything else, while you are playing. There is strict time rule which you need to follow — there is only 20 minutes to solve the level.

But it does not matter that if you have started the game you need to be glued to the screen. You may always press the pause button and do your deals, the Winter Mahjong will wait for you.

Did you see those cute pictures drawn instead of classic Mahjong tiles? All the standard pictures like dots and stripes are replaced with snowflakes or Xmas lollipops. And the background is so Xmas: a girl is riding skates.

Game Features

  • Time limit: 20 minutes per round;
  • Can play on: PC;
  • Tags: classic.


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    Jingle bells, jingle bells…

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