Triple Mahjong

Triple Mahjong game Triple Mahjong game

Triple Mahjong game description

Play this funny and interesting Triple Mahjong game on every device you own. This is an interesting game to play, check yourself. Use the full screen mode for this online and free to play the game.

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Gameplay screenshot

Triple Mahjong
Triple Mahjong
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Comments: 5
  1. Bvully

    I like to turn off the Eye option, like it tougher

  2. Larissa_Black

    Finally classic game with classic plot. thanks

  3. drake_boom

    Oh HTML5 Mahjong , thank you guys, been looking for it)

  4. Marie Fievet

    Celtic Mahjong has beern a longtime favorite – however, I do not like the graphics used on your site for this game.
    Too bad….it’s called Celtic for a reason!

  5. Jenny

    Helps to calm down and focus.

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