TOP-8 the best Mahjongs for PC

Mahjong Detective: Stolen Love

If you are bored with everyday life, the free mahjong you can play can significantly diversify your day. Although it may seem strange, this game, which belongs to the Mahjong category and has no time limit or complicated scenario restrictions, develops attention, logic and reaction. This makes it not only interesting, but also useful for thinking.

Mahjong Detective Stolen Love

Even if you are not an avid fan of computer games, you are sometimes tempted to try your hand at it. It’s a great opportunity not only to kill some free time, but also to test your own abilities. It’s always good to see that you’re not as bad as you think. And we are happy to help you. The toughest challenges you will face will give you a chance to test yourself.

Take part in the ultimate detective story! Margaret’s fiancé disappears during the wedding ceremony. The girl is desperate and turns to the detectives for help, but the investigation hits a dead end. Suddenly it turns out that Margaret’s entire female family is under a terrible family curse! But let’s not fall into despair and try to help her!

Mahjong Detective: Stolen Love

Mahjong Dimensions Deluxe

Have you ever heard of Dark Dimensions 3D Mahjong by Arkadium? Fear not, it’s a free mahjong game online with a full-screen volumetric layout. Here, instead of Chinese domino tokens, you play with dice featuring images of the zodiac signs. The stone patterns are easy to distinguish, so playing Dark Dimension Mahjong for time is much more comfortable than usual. But the best part: Dark Dimension Mahjong combines time-based gameplay with a fun 3D control environment. So, to find a match, you’ll have to quickly rotate the playing field! Fortunately, lost time will be compensated by bonuses. Try to play now and have as much fun as possible!

Mahjongg Dimensions Deluxe

How to play

  1. Use the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys to rotate the mahjong playing field and click on two cubes with the same picture.
  2. Removing another pair of cubes after less than 3 seconds is rewarded with double shackles.
  3. Recombine the same cubes to get Multi Combo ×5.
  4. The Time+ bonus cube has a countdown timer. Combine the hour markers before the counter reaches zero to extend the game time.

Dark Dimension Mahjong Game Features

  1. Gameplay based on the classic mahjong cube by Arcadis.
  2. Beautiful 3D graphics with dark backgrounds, new soundtrack and sound effects.
  3. Free online access with no limit of 15 minutes.

Mahjong Dimensions Deluxe

Mahjong Quest: An epic tale of matching tiles

Once upon a time, in a distant and mysterious Celestial Empire, there lived a hard-working farmer called Quazi. During the day he tilled his land, and at night he relaxed playing mahjong with the old chips he had inherited. One night, with only a few chips on the playing field, 3 fire-breathing dragons suddenly appeared from behind high mountains. Their visit was swift and devastating to the villagers, turning the villagers’ houses into ruins in a matter of seconds.

Download mahjong games for pc. Yin and Yang magic tokens are useful for this difficult task. The basic rules of mahjong remain the same: remove the loose pieces in pairs from the playing field. Free is the piece on which there is nothing and it moves freely to the right or left. Going to the next level in this variant of the game is not necessary to collect all the items. You only need to combine the magic Yin and Yang tokens.

Mahjong Quest An Epic Tale of Tile Matching

To complete the mission you will have to pass through 12 different lands, each of which has several levels. Each level is an amazing logic puzzle. But to solve some of them you will have to use your imagination, because the tricky puzzles can be blocked by the stone blocks or there will be some other obstacles waiting for you. You can deal with some of the difficulties with the help of bonuses, for example, Firecracker will quickly solve stone blocks and Magnet will remove even a blocked chip from the puzzle.

Develop your thinking, memory and attention with this ancient game!

Mahjong Quest: An epic tale of matching tiles

Mahjong: Legends of the tiles

In this classic Free Online Mahjong Game you have to find stones with the same symbols. The bright graphics and excellent and detailed gameplay will make you want to play this game again and again. The different bonuses you get depending on your speed and the correct choice of tiles increase the fun of the game and make you repeat the level if you don’t pass it with three stars. Keep in mind that you can’t surround them with so many nodes. The game has 100 levels with varying difficulty and content.

Mahjongg Legends of the Tiles

Carefully and quickly select tiles using the available hints and try to pass each level with the maximum number of points. Your task is to clear the playing field as quickly as possible. Enjoy the beauty of all the colors of this wonderful game. You have limited time, so try to proceed quickly. If it turns out that there is too much time left, you will get additional bonuses.

Mahjong: Legends of the tiles

Mahjong Magic Journey 2

One of the best mahjong games in our article. You can play the game on anything: computer, tablet, smartphone, TV, but unfortunately the size is not scalable at 900 x 675 pixels, which means that your device needs to be at least the specified screen resolution to play the full-screen mahjong comfortably. There are many useful settings here.

  • Knuckle material: wood, metal, plastic, Shenan or original.
  • Images on them: classic Chinese or world flags.
  • Switch on or off the dice lighting available in the game.
  • Change the background (game tablecloth).
  • Tool tips (5 pieces).
  • Turn cancellation.

Mahjong Magic Journey 2

In addition to the settings, statistics are available at the bottom, giving information on the number of cubes remaining on the table and the number that are currently ready for harvesting.

For the purposes of the game, little has changed. The player has to sort all the dice by removing them from the game board in pairs. If we take a full construction with 144 dice, then 72 pairs must be removed. The special dice can be chosen on the basis of equality: all flowers and seasons can be paired with their analogues.

For successful cleaning, it is necessary that the selected tiles are not covered by other tiles, i.e. that they are on the edge of the formation. In any case, the software will not let you make a wrong move and will not penalise you for it. The time display on the top line is used for statistical purposes only and does not limit the duration of the mahjong game. You can think of any option you like without rushing.

You can switch tiles at any time, but note that by switching tiles you agree to undo the results of the current tile.

Relax and play online mahjong that develops logic and imagination, allowing you to have a pleasant break. Relax and unwind!

Mahjong Magic Journey 2

Tropico Jong: A butterfly expedition

Tropico hasn’t imbibed revolutionary ideas and hasn’t revolutionised the genre — again. This was not expected — it has long been no secret to the developers and all long-time fans of the series that they should turn to another genre for a new experience.

Tropico Jong Butterfly Expedition

The only new thing really worth mentioning is multiplayer, but even that doesn’t make a difference — the blitz format of battles between opponents doesn’t suit the genre, and you need hardcore opponents to play longer.

  • Pros: easy exploration; unique style; humour;
  • Cons: Developers keep releasing the same third installment with minor changes; too easy to play.

Tropico Jong: A butterfly expedition

Liong: Dragon Dance

Do you think it’s possible to combine smooth, calm and balanced mahjong and almost action-packed Zuma in one bottle? Our answer to that question is unequivocally yes, and this game is a prime example! We bring you a Mahjong Game to download called Liong — Dance of the Dragon.

It is a hybrid of the most popular and desirable zoot games, both casual and casual gamers. Spend time in a fun and addictive way while training your attention and thinking speed — that’s all about our amazing cocktail game Liong — Dance of the Dragon.

In the playing field with bright and varied images are both a dragon, constantly moving towards his victory and defeat, and mahjong tokens.

Liong The Dragon Dance

Allow the dragon to reach the finish line — and thus crash. To avoid this, click on the tokens on the board and duplicate them on your opponent’s body — then they will disappear, and the size of your opponent will decrease and you will have a magical victory over the dragon.

Liong: Dragon Dance

So which one if the best mahjong for you?

In this article we have presented for you free mahjong games for pc. Here is a quality collection of free Mahjong Games of different genres and orientations. Super cool, fun and cool, new and best Mahjong games are carefully collected by us for your enjoyment.

We are convinced that Mahjong games can please anyone and everyone, no matter which age group from 2 to 88 years old you belong to. You can play all the games in full screen mode and download them to your computer but play for free.

Hooray for mahjong games!

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    Would be great if there were more adult mahjong games –
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    games and every time I visit as new games site, I look very carefully at the photos of the various games, always hoping to find at least some of the old ones – too bad I was not able to make a list of all the names ….Those games all were a bit unusual and much more challenging and fun than the games now available on any of the game sites. I hope you will add more adult games and one of these days I will see something familiar. Many thanks.

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