Time Mahjong

Time Mahjong Time Mahjong

Time Mahjong Connect Overview

The Time Mahjong (Time Connect) game has everything a classic Mahjong has, like a time limit, buttons, hints, and reshuffle. Use all the tricks to win faster. The tiles are drawn with different clocks, which caused the game’s name.

Challenge yourself with Time Mahjong, a new and free online game where your biggest adversary is the clock. Plan and strategize by prioritizing unique tiles that slow, freeze time, or earn bonus seconds. A perfectly designed flash puzzle game, available now for free on our website.

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Gameplay screenshot

Time Mahjong Gameplay

Time Mahjong Game Trailer

4.9/5 — (9 votes)
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  1. kikchi

    This game looks lovely to me :o

  2. nany

    cool game you’ve got

  3. Daniel

    This game is just addictive

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