Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty

Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty

Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty Overview

Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty is a classic member of the Mahjong games family on our free online site. The word “member” in the game is explained by the fact that the game has two layouts: Shanghai and kids set. You may play whether adult or kid version.

If you have never been playing no download mahjong here we are. We offer games to play with an easy, but interesting plot, Mahjong for every device: smartphone, tablet, or PC. Spend your time mindfully. Expand your thinking and attentiveness.

Watch the time limit when playing. Your aim is to collect tiles in pairs and clear the gaming field. The time is not as strict as you think, but you better be attentive.
The game does not have any tips. No hint, no shuffle. If you want to win you need to be very attentive.

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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty Gameplay
Mahjong Shanghai Dynasty Gameplay
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  1. Avac

    I love this one Mahjong. Is there any other out of online games you love?

  2. Joan Barth

    To Whom This Concerns:
    Why is my “adobe flash player” being blocked. It’s not supposed to be unuseable until the December time period? This is very frustrating!!!

    Joan Barth

  3. Olivia

    Good game! Will quickly interest

  4. Aoife

    I advise this game for those who like all sorts of puzzles and collect puzzles

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