Popit Vs Spinner

Popit Vs Spinner Popit Vs Spinner

Popit Vs Spinner Overview

The mahjong game Popit Vs Spinner implements many original and interesting ideas. The stylistics are adjusted to modern trends, in this version the spinner and pop itt are used as symbols. It is hard to imagine nowadays a child who has not had such a toy in his hands. Now, when connecting the cards will be everywhere familiar fascinating symbols. With these you can not stay indifferent, the gameplay is addictive from the first minutes, gives you a good mood and a lot of good impressions. With this game it’s easy to kill time, while developing attention and memory, it’s useful for children of all ages and adults.

Key features

This version uses the spinner and pop it as symbols.


Connect in pairs of game symbols, and if the process came to a standstill – use a clue.

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Gameplay screenshot

Popit Vs Spinner Gameplay
Popit Vs Spinner Gameplay
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  1. Mia

    One of my favorite games! If I have a few free minutes during the day, I prefer to play it.

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