Pile of Tiles Mahjong Game

Pile of Tiles Mahjong online Game Description

Completely free game doesn’t require registration from the gamer. There are 17 levels in the charade. The time frames for each level are narrow enough. Open playing board in full screen, for better vision of all the possible moves. The images of tiles — pictures, typical for the games of Mahjong series.

How to play

The good thing about the game — hint and shuffle options. The game task — to collect all pairs of identical tiles. Each time when you will do right match the twins will disappear from the screen. You have to do it as long as there will be no tiles anymore. The path between identical units has to be two or less than ninety degree angles.

Gameplay screenshot

Pile of Tiles Mahjong
Pile of Tiles Mahjong gameplay
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  1. Tinderer

    thank for the option of turning off the music at the online games :twisted:

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