Online Mahjong types: Classic, Connect, Dimensions

Once you come to play online Mahjong you may now spend a lot of free time playing this game. There are thousands themes involved in a decoration of each of it. But, not only colors of tiles and background change when playing. You may definitely notice there are different types of the game plot. There are 3 most common and popular online Mahjong types:

  • classic;
  • connect;
  • dimensions.

Classic Mahjong

This is the most common and popular type of game. Rules are pretty clear and understandable: you need to collect tiles into pairs, and clean out the gaming field.

The restrictive rules are:

  • Watch the placement of a unit. If it is locked by the other units from 3 of each sides you can not pick it;
  • If the unit is closed by other unit on top, even for 10% it is also locked;
  • If your unit is touched from the up and down with other units you can not pick it neither;
  • You can also pick different pictured tiles in pairs. But it has to be one group. Read ‘The Mahjong Western Style‘ article.

When you are done with the rules then is it very clear how to win a game.

Mahjong Deluxe
Mahjong Deluxe

Several games have a really strict time limit, do not forget about it. Otherwise you are loosing so fast.

Some of the examples:

The Mahjong Connect

This one type of game has a very similar aim: collect tiles in pairs and clean up the gaming field to win or go to the next level.

But beware of some distinctive features:

  • The tiles are located in one layer and in a shape of square;
  • The tiles are connected with a line, which can has only 2 corners on the way;
  • Even though your tiles are a straight line apart, it does not mean they can be connected. If the gaming field is full or half-full the tiles far away won’t be chosen;
  • Most likely this type has a time limit. Watch it out.
Mahjong Link
Mahjong Link

The way to win is easy but only if you follow the rules correctly.

Some types of these games to play:

Mahjong Dimensions

The dimension type is also called the Cube and this is one of the most interesting one. The tiles are exact squares which you can twist around and choose the twin tiles this way.

Watch out the system: the tiles are placed in different shaped figures, which are 3D. So there are tiles in a middle of the figure as well. And do not forget them while playing.

Animal Cube Mahjong
Animal Cube Mahjong

Some kinds on Mahjong Dimension games:

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