Olimpian Mahjong

Olimpian Mahjong Olimpian Mahjong

Olimpian Mahjong Overview

Olimpian Mahjong and its entire interface is designed in sports theme, and each individual block reflects the image of a sports element or image of a particular sport. During the gameplay in front of you on the screen will be located blocks, then your task is to join the two blocks with a single figure on them. Faster connected to the game, pass from one level to another and improve your game skills, level up and invite your friends. During the game you can earn points that affect your level, thereby striving to get as many of them as possible.

Key Features

  • Sports theme;
  • Nice music;
  • Simple interface.


During the gameplay there will be blocks on the screen in front of you, then your task is to join the two blocks with a single pattern on them.

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Gameplay screenshot

Olimpian Mahjong Gameplay
Olimpian Mahjong Gameplay
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