Microsoft Mahjong

Microsoft Mahjong Microsoft Mahjong

Microsoft Mahjong Overview

Microsoft Mahjong is a classic mahjong tile game in a more modern style. This game has a main menu where you can choose from many settings: the type of your tower with tiles, design theme (beautiful garden, underwater world, autumn meadow, or space), watch the tutorial on the game, see your rewards, stats, and daily rewards.
Microsoft Mahjong is a classic tile-matching game now enhanced with daily challenges, a new look, and over 40 puzzles! Enjoy great graphics and relaxing sounds with several visual themes to choose from.

Tap tiles to match them. Match identical tiles so that at least one side is free and there are no tiles on them. To win, clear the whole field. Please note that for some reason there is no English in the game. But, everything is pretty clear there. The time in the game is unlimited.

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Gameplay screenshot

Microsoft Mahjong Gameplay
Microsoft Mahjong Gameplay
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  1. sybil

    i like these games

  2. Alex

    Great logic game

  3. Mia

    Game to help you relax.

  4. zuver

    mahjong not loading

  5. Ryen

    Eastern culture always has unusual ideas and this applies to all areas of life, including games.

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