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Mahjongg game online. Play the best mahjong games for free and in full screen mode. This ancient game was made for pure entertainment. People used to play it to develop their attentiveness and eye sharpness in addition. Classic Mahjongg game is a special entertainment. If you love easygoing, relaxing time this game is for you. You may choose several levels of difficulty. When you raise your skill go to the next level and challenge yourself again and again.

Click on the tile and see it half-transparent. When you find the identical twin of it and click both of them in a row it will disappear. When the whole gaming field is clean — game is won.

You may change the color of tiles and background to make the game visually attractive for yourself.

There are different types of tile pictures like stripes, dots, seasons, plants and hieroglyphs. Each has its number which helps you to find the pair. We wish you luck to play and win.

Game Features

  • Time limit: no
  • Can play on: pc
  • Tags: very easy, easy, normal, hard, unbeatable