Mahjongg Dimensions 900 Seconds

Mahjongg Dimensions 900 Seconds Mahjongg Dimensions 900 Seconds

Mahjongg Dimensions 900 Seconds Overview

Mahjongg Dimensions 900 Seconds is presented in a geometric style, which charms with its purple shades in the background during each game. During the game, the most important task is to find absolutely similar in appearance dice, their comparison by drawing, for a certain period of time, which is about six minutes, it is necessary to find absolutely all the dice. Then, after finding, the game automatically updates the timer and starts a new, even more interesting level. Drop everything, and quickly connect to the game, spawn levels and show your best score.

Key features

  • Geometric shapes;
  • Interesting backdrop;
  • The presence of a timer.


In 6 minutes the player must collect all similar cubes.

Questions about game
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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjongg Dimensions 900 Seconds Gameplay
Mahjongg Dimensions 900 Seconds Gameplay
5/5 — (3 votes)
Comments: 2
  1. Amelia

    An interesting, relaxing game to relax!

  2. Larry Heeren

    I want to play Mahjong Dimensions at 15 minutes. When I press play button Your game either goes black , shortens time to 5 minutes or reduces the cube size. In any event I am unable to play the game. I hope your day online is as fouled up as mine

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