Mahjong Fortuna

Mahjong Fortuna Mahjong Fortuna

Mahjong Fortuna Overview

The Mahjong Fortuna Game is nothing like you have played before. Tiles appear to be Zodiac signs and the game is so mysterious you are catching the vibe. Do not forget the time schedule. If you lose you start over to play and get the game done. Put yourself in a mysterious world of the Zodiac, collect signs in pairs, and win the game.

There are different types of tile pictures in different Mahjong like stripes, dots, seasons, plants, and hieroglyphs. Each has its number which helps you to find the pair.

We wish you luck to play and win. Play this full screen game online. We do collect tons of mahjong games for you and your friends and family to play and enjoy.

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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong Fortuna Gameplay
Mahjong Fortuna Gameplay
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    this is my favorite game

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