Mahjong 3D

Mahjong 3D Mahjong 3D

Mahjong 3D Overview

Innovative and excellent Mahjong 3D game. You can play it online and for free anytime. Do not forget to turn on your dull screen mode when you play. This game has so many tips even hard to count. You may use 5 hints per game, they will help you not to lose bonuses, which are decreasing the more you enact.

Do not forget to choose the color and style of tiles, there are 6-8 different styles to choose from. Also, be attentive you can leave your music on. Or put maximum focus on the game without any outer disturbers.

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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong 3D Gameplay
Mahjong 3D Gameplay

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4.4/5 — (19 votes)
Comments: 3
  1. Nina

    This mahjong is actually made very professional, well done :shock:

  2. Adele

    I love the calssic way it is. You pass it fast guys?

  3. Jessica

    Nice interesting game

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