Kitchen Mahjong

kitchen mahjong kitchen mahjong

When you play Kitchen Mahjong you play usual and classic Mahjong connect game. But the tile have interesting pictures of kitchen devices: knives, pots, plates etc. Do not forget the rules — tiles may be connected if they are located the way that the line in between is straight or have 1-2 corners maximum.

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Gameplay screenshot

Kitchen Mahjong
Kitchen Mahjong

Kitchen Mahjong Game Trailer


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  1. fineplayer

    Ohhh all those pans looking alike. this makes the game tough ugh :lol:

  2. Marie

    The harder it is the more fun the game is. I like it just as it is. I just wish it was not so hard to find on the computer.

    1. Unfortuntely, Flash Player stopped working. We can offer you a lot of other games to play on our site, which are available to play full screen and on every device.
      Folow the link:

  3. Leelangi

    My favourite site has vanished.

    1. mahjong (author)

      Good afternoon. Thanks for the comments. We apologize. We try to fix everything very quickly. If something does not work for you on the site, just refresh the cache.

  4. Leelangi

    What happened to the original full screen play for free game?.

    1. mahjong (author)

      We beg your pardon. Please refresh your browser cache.

  5. Lucy

    Not intrusive, does not oblige to anything, only pleasure.

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