Kids Mahjong

kids mahjong
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Kids Mahjong
Kids Mahjong

Cute and easy Kids Mahjong game is available online and for free to play on your PC anytime. Turn on the full screen mode to ease the play for yourself. Your main aim while playing the Kids Mahjong is simply to clear up the gaming field by collecting similar tiles in pairs. But this only sounds easy. When you start playing and you pass the 1st level you understand that there are more and more tiles each level, and the time limit is tightened you. Each level there are more tiles, and of course more and more interesting pictures appear.

This game does not need too to pay attention to the color of the tile. Play freely and draw your attention on the pictures only.

As it was said, the time limit is present in this game. For the first few levels it is fine, and probably, even too much. But when you go further it can make you think a little faster.

Game Features

  • Time limit: Yes;
  • Can play on: PC;
  • Tags: classic.