Hiking Mahjong

Hiking Mahjong Hiking Mahjong

Hiking Mahjong Overview

Hiking Mahjong in its style fully meets the camping theme, during the game you will see the typical camping items and elements. During the gameplay, you need to pick up two identical in design, blocks. The existing connecting line between all of the same blocks, includes only two moves. Be sure to join the game and try the hiking style, which looks quite attractive and original, and the music that will accompany you during the game will give even more atmosphere, after such a game you will definitely want to go hiking and play the game somewhere in nature and in a tent.

Key features

  • Hiking themes;
  • Interesting music;
  • Unobtrusive interface.


During the gameplay, you need to pick up two of the same pattern blocks.

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Gameplay screenshot

Hiking Mahjong Gameplay
Hiking Mahjong Gameplay
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  1. William

    The toy is cool, I liked everything, I recommend it!

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