Girls Sandals Mahjong

Girls Sandals Mahjong Girls Sandals Mahjong

Girls Sandals Mahjong Overview

Girls Sandals Mahjong – This is the same Mahjong that was created for girls – those little beauties, who from a young age learn to be stylish ladies and good hostesses. During the game trains memory, logic and attention.   Offers many beautiful pairs of women’s shoes, which it is important to remove from the playing field. And in order to pass the level, you need to keep the time. With each new level the task gets harder. There are 21 levels in total and each gives a different discovery. In order to plunge into this incredible world, you only have to press play.

Key features

The game is well-drawn and accompanied by fun, upbeat music.


To pass it is important to collect all the same shoes on the cards.

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Gameplay screenshot

Girls Sandals Mahjong Gameplay
Girls Sandals Mahjong Gameplay
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