Mahjong Black and White

Mahjong Black and White Mahjong Black and White

Mahjong Black and White Overview

Imagine a simple game but the Black and White Mahjong added something to make it more interesting. You have your usual aim — you need to collect all the tiles in pairs to clear out the gaming field. Do not forget about the high-rated tile like flowers, and seasons. These tiles should be collected in groups.

This means there should not be a similar picture on the top, but the same group.
Your special aim for this game is to collect tiles into pairs with different colors. So the same picture must be located on a different colored tiles.

You may not collect white with white, or black with black. Do not forget the strict time rules we have here. 20 minutes for a level. When you pass one you go to the next one and, probably, the time will grow. But who knows? You play and you find out.

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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong Black and White Gameplay
Mahjong Black and White Gameplay

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  1. Jenny

    this is my favorite game

  2. Seren

    The coolest game for attentiveness and dexterity, what could be better!

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