Black and White Mahjong 2

Mahjong Black White 2 free online Mahjong Black White 2 free online

The second very much interesting version of the game – Black and White Mahjong 2. You main aim, as usual, is to collect similar tiles in pairs. But the feature is – you may collect only those, who are same colored, beside the fact of the pictures should be alike.

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Gameplay screenshot

Mahjong Black White 2 free online
Mahjong Black White 2 gameplay

Black and White Mahjong 2 Game Trailer

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  1. Marie Fievet

    I really am glad to have discovered this game site, but I have some constructive criticism.

    Your boards are not as clear and crisp looking as I prefer, no idea how anybody else feels about that. On the Black and White game, which I am having to play
    since I cannot have access to the better games I love so much to play, I do wish some many of the tiles did not have those spikes on them – they get in the way. Certainly do not add that much of anything to the over all design, playability.

    Not at al interested in your version of board for Celtic Mahjong – just not
    inviting! I hope you might take a player’s viewpoint into consideration.

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