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Animal Connect

Have you ever played something like Animal Connect? Quite chilling and relaxing game. You can also enjoy your time more and play this game online and for free on our site. Do not forget your full screen mode! You may choose any country or area of the world and the field will be filled with animals from all over. Particularly Egypt is interesting. But this is only our own predisposition.

Do not forget of the tip. When you collect whether seasons or unreal animals (like dragons) the game gives you priceless wisdom. Are you mature enough to get the sarcasm of the situation? We bet you are.

The game has no time limits. But it gives you an opportunity to raise your score by counting time. Hints are available as well, use it when you see no way to move.

Act wisely. If you bear in mind the position of wise gamer you will clear the gaming field correctly. And there will not be such possibility as losing with no pairs found sing on the screen.

Game Features

  • Time limit: No;
  • Can play on: PC;
  • Tags: classic.