Mobile games are very worldwide nowadays. Apps and programs for phone users are all over. In all this application flood it is very hard to find the proper and quality one. We recommend you to save our site in your bookmarks and open this category Mobile Mahjong Games every time you want to play whenever you are.

The difference between our games and any app you can download is that our games are very much diverse compared to one-game apps. We offer you over 140 games for online playing on your Personal Computer and Mobile device.

Mobile games online

There are kinds on Mahjong, depending on the strategy of the game:

  • Arcades. You pass level by level to rise your points and get to the victory.
  • Classic Mahjong. You collect similar tiles to clear up the gaming field. This kind of game divides by 2 too: with time limit or not.
  • Connect. You connect tiles in between so the line, connecting them, is straight or has only one corner.

There is a huge variety or Mahjong HTML5 games online for your mobile. You can play all them for free and whenever you are. Just be sure your sound is off if you are playing there, where you should not be doing this. We will not give you away.