What is tower Mahjong online game? It is a game, that needs you to collects similar pictures tiles and units off the gaming field to reach the victory. This is the main aim of games like this. But what exactly Tower means? It is a name of a layered set tiles.

But you can also call the classic Mahjong the Pyramid. Just because each layer have less and fewer units on top, and they are directed to the center of the figure.

Tower Mahjong online game play

If you want to play Tower Mahjong games you need to remember that you better read “How to play” of every game in advance. Each game may have several tricks to make you think and try to win harder.

There are several types of Tower Mahjong games:

  • Classic games. Where you may choose the figure of tiles setting on the gaming field.Then you relax and play game a much as you want. Looking for pairs carefully. Probably having a few hints for a game.
  • Arcade. All the same Tower Mahjong system. But you have different levels of the game. Each level comes harder than the previous. And, for sure, you are going to have time limit, which will get tighter level by level.
  • Classic time counted. You play classic mahjong but there is a timer which counts time you have spent on playing the game. It is made for you to develop your attentiveness and watch the time to shorter it time to time.
  • Pictured classic or arcade games. Each game may be dedicated to some theme. It can be any holiday, or country, or food. It makes the game more interesting, but be attentive, it takes time to get used to new pictures.

This type of Mahjong — Tower is harder than all other types of online Mahjong games. It requires more logical thinking and decide which tiles to clean up first and what needs a pair from more desirable place, because otherwise it would be blocked. Decide yourself to play classic or arcade, we sure every of it would win your heart and further free time.