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Apparently, not every company is focused on the production of toys for kids and makes a quality product. The company BumbleBee Smart, is a company that produces original, developing boards that can not only entertain children, but also give them the necessary knowledge about the world around them, as well as it helps to accelerate the development of hand motor skills, etc.

BumbleBee Smart uses modern materials to make toys, which makes their products ECO-friendly and safe. The products are targeted at different age groups and are an excellent tool for a gradual and interesting way of playing, helping to develop an understanding of the mechanisms and principles of mechanics, the basic laws of physics and other fundamental knowledge that is often needed in everyday life.

Educational wall toy in the Earth colors numbers
Educational wall toy in the Earth colors numbers

The effectiveness of the development toys is achieved due to the method of learning, which is the core of the boards and was invented by the famous teacher Montessori. Thereby, during the learning process there is no feeling of great stress due to the fact that the knowledge is obtained in an open and accessible form.

BumbleBee Smart has created a wonderful online store https://www.bumblebeesmart.com/ where everyone, nometter whare are you from, can buy wonderful toys made exclusively from 100% natural materials of high quality.

The history of BumbleBee Smart

The firm was founded by a married couple Andy and Irene. They are passionate about making products to educate and develop kids and being experienced parents of two children, decided to create a brand BumbleBee Smart. From the very beginning, the founders of the company have had a large number of customers.

Probably, due to the fact that all the toys offered are made professionally and creatively. Painting of all the elements and the boards themselves, is carried out with a safe water-based paint. This excludes toxicity and ensures that the product does not harm the environment. Each part of the toy is painted so that the aesthetic look of the product is as good as possible.

Since the company was founded, its products have already been tried by the clients from more than 20 different countries around the world. It is also important that the BumbleBee Smart brand is aimed at girls and boys equally. The online store https://www.bumblebeesmart.com/ offers various models, large and small, in a wide price range starting from $45. Thanks to this approach it is possible to make a choice according to individual requirements and needs.

Round busy board 5 pcs set - small size use
Round busy board 5 pcs set – small size use

These toys are especially well suited for small children. The boards help them to develop their knowledge in the field of:

  • Physical activity;
  • Creative thinking;
  • Some sciences that are directly related to physics, etc.

It is worth noting that such boards remain the focus of children for a very long time and allow some time to free up to do the most urgent things around the house.

Features of BumbleBee Smart boards and their application

Such toys are universal and their use is not limited just at home. With them can play effectively several children simultaneously and thus children will learn to interact and become friends, spending time very fun. The boards can be installed in places where many children are present, for example:

  • Clinics;
  • Kindergartens;
  • Playgrounds indoors, etc.

The offered range in the online store will allow to choose the model that is interesting, by colour size and design features of the product.

The advantages of the boards from the manufacturer BumbleBee Smart include:

  • Perfect quality of products, absolute safety for health and the environment;
  • Use only natural environmentally friendly materials;
  • A wide range of different models, etc.

Products are constantly being improved, so that children get only the best experience from the game.

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